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Coinbase API: Explore the API With Vezgo

Building a Coinbase API integration is very challenging. There are two options; integrate the connector in-house or use Vezgo to connect to aggregate Coinbase accounts. Vezgo retrieves accounts and wallets from 40 exchanges, 20 blockchains, and 250 wallets.

Coinbase holds an impressive record of being one of the few platforms to have never suffered a hack. The bulk of its crypto reserves is held in cold storage facilities offline, while military-grade encryption protocols cater to the rest. 

Besides its rock-solid trading platform, Coinbase offers a host of other relevant products and services, notable of which is the Coinbase API. This cloud-based interface takes exchange accessibility to a new level, with several advanced functions to enjoy and integrate with other projects, such as portfolio trackers and tax software. 

However, as you’ll come to see in this article, there’s a Coinbase API alternative that offers better versatility and optimized functionality. 

What is Coinbase API?

What is Coinbase Pro API_

Coinbase API is an advanced, code-based interface and tool that allows users to retrieve their balances, positions, and transactions, but also trade in unique ways. It allows you to route your trades to Coinbase from outside of the platform. You can also stay on top of price movements on your favorite cryptocurrencies.  

The prominent features of the Coinbase API include

  1. Positions, balances, and historical transactions

The API is especially useful to retrieve crypto holdings inside Coinbase. The data can be used in other applications such as portfolio trackers, tax or accounting software, and compliance tools.

  1. Market data

With Coinbase API, you can get crypto products like order books, trades, tickers, historic rates, and 24-hour market statistics. You can also get data on cryptocurrencies and relevant time values. 

  1. Personal trading

The Coinbase API also caters to anything and everything you may need to make and cancel your trades. You can also list fills, access current exchange limits, and make deposits and withdrawals.

Additionally, Coinbase API has some juicy advanced functions that allow you to:

  • List and get profiles
  • Create a profile transfer
  • Access a WebSocket feed
  • Create stablecoin conversions.

Coinbase API is a fine choice for developers and savvy traders to access real-time market data for accurate trading decision-making and in-depth market research. 

However if you need to aggregate read-only data, whether Coinbase API is the best API option, there is, remains to be seen.

Coinbase API: The Best Solution for Advanced Traders and Developers?

This API has several exciting features‌. If you’re the sort that’s interested in accruing market data to draw inferences and make analyses, Coinbase API has what that you need. 

However, in general, crypto APIs are only as useful as the number of endpoints they have. 

Coinbase API only provides access to its exchange platform, which is severely limiting for developers looking to integrate other exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex, and others.

If you’re a developer on a software project, you’ll be looking for a comprehensive solution regarding exchange and blockchain integrations. Coinbase API simply won’t suffice, as you’ll need to build connectors to all other exchanges.

You’ll need something more robust.

Something like Vezgo API.

Vezgo API: The Ultimate Alternative to Coinbase API

Vezgo API_ The Ultimate Alternative to Coinbase Pro API

Where portfolio data aggregation is involved, Vezgo API is the ultimate alternative to the Coinbase API. With its multiple endpoints, it stands ready to handle any task placed upon it by developers. 

Here are a few of its most exciting features to sway your mind:

Multiple exchange integrations

Why limit yourself to one exchange platform when you can access hundreds in one go? 

Even better, it’s all from one API. Vezgo offers one API for all exchange and blockchain integrations. There’s no need to spend hours coding each platform’s functionalities into your product. With Vezgo crypto exchange API, you can make everything literally accessible in one click. 

Portfolio tracking

Vezgo API is very useful for developers who want to build software that allows their users to monitor their assets across various exchanges. Instead of flitting about from platform to platform, users can access everything from a single dashboard using the Vezgo API.

Tax & Accounting

Aggregate every single crypto tax and accounting data from your clients’ crypto accounts, including their balances, tokens/positions, and transactions. Regardless of whether their digital assets are in CEXs, DeFi platforms, wallets, or even NFTs, Vezgo connects to about 300 of them with a single API! Vezgo also support internal transactions, a crucial feature for tax.

NFTs and Wallet Integrations

Vezgo integrates with various soft wallet platforms, offering users and developers borderless accessibility. Additionally, Vezgo goes one step higher than most APIs out there by including support for NFTs.

Exciting, isn’t it?

What Can You Do With Vezgo API?

Web3 developers have a lot to benefit from using this awesome platform. 

With it, they can:

  • Build crypto portfolio trackers
  • Build software for accessing various exchanges
  • Access insightful user account data, e.g., trade history and token balances

Enjoy Limitless Blockchain Access With Vezgo API

Vezgo’s developers are hard at work, adding new DeFi platforms, exchanges, wallets, and blockchain capabilities to the API. Already, Vezgo allows you to integrate with over 300 of them.

With support for all the major exchanges already in the bag, Vezgo is the top solution for developers looking to integrate various crypto functionalities into their software projects. Vezgo is the perfect complement to Plaid and other tools.

Its handy documentation is accessible anytime to give you assistance. 
Why don’t you try out Vezgo API today? You won’t be alone. You’ll be a part of over 150 companies that trust Vezgo.

A: The Coinbase API is a set of tools and protocols that allow developers to interact with Coinbase’s services. Using the Coinbase API, developers can create applications, websites, and other tools that integrate with Coinbase’s trading and account management functionality.
A: Integrating with the Coinbase API involves several steps, including creating a Coinbase account, generating API keys, and making API calls using those keys.
A: By integrating with Vezgo’s API, developers can access a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchains, and wallets through a single unified API. This can save significant development time and effort, as you won’t need to implement separate integrations for each exchange or wallet provider.

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