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Vezgo Updates: Vezgo Portal, Binance, Coinbase and More Fixes 

We’re been working on lots of improvements and experimenting with some new features for your favorite Crypto Data API. We are experimenting with a wallet onboard feature to ease loading wallets into Vezgo. We are also quickly building a proof of concept to bring new requested features to the API.

What’s new on Vezgo this week?

  • First Vezgo Portal released
  • bug fix
  • Continue the work on DeFi client (making it possible to make it part of any connector)
  • Coinbase fix to write old transactions, and add support for fiat deposits
  • Improved Binance error handling
  • Bitfinex refinements for transaction types

What we are still working on…

  • Vezgo Portal Refinements
  • Binance (US) and Solana connector fixes
  • EVM-based blockchains connector rewrite and NFT support
  • Wallet Onboard feature based on Wallet Connect
  • Experimenting with real-time data streaming 👀

If you’d like to request features or have a look at our Roadmap.

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