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Product Update 16: MultiChain Support, WalletConnect Update, Solana, Algorand, and Swyftx Improvements

Welcome to Product Update 16! In the previous update 15, we discussed Trezor Connect, the increased coverage on Binance, OKX, Bybit, Stellar, and a brand new FAQ Page in the Vezgo API Docs.

Earlier this year, we released a new update to our Binance connector, and all the information is available in this blog: Binance API Connector: Get 6X the Data With Vezgo.

In this product update, we announce a significant change to our Binance international connector, which will lead to an increase in speed and coverage of endpoints.

MultiChain Support for Wallets

Blockchain APIs

MultiChain support, also referred to as support for multiple networks is a game changer for users who operate across various EVM-based blockchains using the same wallet address.

What’s New?

Previously, users had to connect each blockchain network individually even if they used the same wallet address across these networks. Now, with our MultiChain support, users can connect several EVM-based blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon in a single, streamlined process.

Key Features:

  • Single Connection for Multiple Networks: Users can now link multiple blockchain networks to the same wallet address through a single connection flow. This enhancement simplifies the user experience significantly, eliminating the need to repeat the connection process for each network.
  • Consolidated View and Management: This feature enables a consolidated view of balances and transactions across different networks, making it easier for users to manage their assets and activities within a unified interface.

How to Enable MultiChain Support?

To activate this feature, simply follow the updated instructions provided in our API documentation under the section “Connect Multiple Wallets.” This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to enable your users to take full advantage of the MultiChain capabilities.

MetaMask Integration: MultiWallet Feature

For users of MetaMask, connecting via the browser extension has now become even more powerful. The MultiChain feature allows users to connect all different wallets associated with their MetaMask account. This means more flexibility and easier access to manage diverse assets across multiple networks without leaving the MetaMask environment.

Stellar Transaction History

We are now able to retrieve years of transaction history for Stellar. This enhancement allows your users to access detailed records of their past transactions on the Stellar network, providing a comprehensive view of their historical activities. Whether you’re tracking payments, asset transfers, or other transactions, our updated support ensures you have all the necessary data at your fingertips.

This improved functionality helps users maintain accurate records and gain deeper insights into their financial activities on the Stellar blockchain.

New Connector: Swyftx – Australia

We welcome the addition of a new connector for Swyftx, enhancing our platform’s connectivity with one of Australia’s most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges. Swyftx is known for its user-friendly interface and extensive range of supported cryptocurrencies, making it a popular choice for both novice and experienced traders looking to manage their digital assets efficiently.

With the introduction of the Swyftx connector, users can now seamlessly integrate their Swyftx accounts to access positions and balance data directly through the Vezgo API. This integration allows for monitoring of assets, providing your users with comprehensive insights into their Swyftx holdings.

Connector Enhancements

Solana Transaction & NFTs Support

Solana now supported on Vezgo

We announce further enhancements to our Solana integration. Previously, our support for Solana was limited to tracking positions and balances.

Now, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include support for transactions on Solana, enabling users to track and manage their transaction history  Additionally, we’ve introduced support for Solana-based NFTs. While this new feature currently covers only the tracking of NFT positions and not transactions, it marks a significant step towards providing comprehensive NFT tracking.

Algorand Transaction Support

Our Algorand connector now supports transaction tracking in addition to positions and balances. This enhancement enables you to access transaction data on the Algorand network directly through the API.

MEXC Spot Transaction Support

MEXC Global, known for its comprehensive range of trading options and user-friendly features, is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that serves millions of users worldwide. We have now enhanced our connector for MEXC to include support for SPOT transactions.

In addition to introducing new features and expanding our support across various platforms, we have also dedicated considerable effort to general maintenance and updates to enhance the reliability and performance of our existing connectors. We have made significant improvements to a number of key integrations, including Coinbase, Binance, TRON, Kusama, Polkadot, Ethereum, Kraken, Cardano, Coinsquare, and Moonbeam.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide a robust and seamless experience, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of cryptocurrency management solutions. By continually refining our technology, we aim to empower our users with the most efficient, secure, and comprehensive tools available for managing their digital assets.

WalletConnect : All Integrations Are Now Displayed in the Connect Flow

WalletConnect Vezgo

with the latest update, all wallets available through WalletConnect can be easily searched and connected directly within the Vezgo Connect Flow. 

This improvement simplifies the process for users, providing a seamless experience when managing their digital assets across various wallets. This update reaffirms our commitment to providing comprehensive and user-friendly solutions for crypto data integration.

Here is the technical information:

IIf you have WalletConnect enabled will it be by default?

  • If walletconnect team feature passed – then it will be enabled by default;
  • If you passed providers parameter with the list of allowed providers and WalletConnect is not there then wallet connect providers will not be displayed.

IIf you don’t pass the WalletConnect connector in the connect flow parameters will it appear?

If passed providers paramater but walletconnect is not there, the list of WalletConnect integrations will be hidden.

To force hide the list:

  • SDK – pass hideWalletConnectWallets: true
  • URL – pass hide_wallet_connect_wallets=true

Technical links:

With these updates, Vezgo continues to advance its mission of providing comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly solutions for cryptocurrency management. Our enhanced WalletConnect integration now allows users to easily search and connect all available wallets within the Vezgo Connect Flow, simplifying digital asset management. Additionally, our support for Stellar has been significantly improved, enabling the retrieval of years of transaction history for more in-depth insights. Alongside these enhancements, we’ve introduced MultiChain support for wallets, streamlined the MetaMask integration with the MultiWallet feature, and added new connectors for Swyftx and Solana transactions, including NFTs.

These updates reflect our ongoing commitment to refining our technology and expanding our coverage to offer the most efficient and reliable tools for tracking and managing digital assets.

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