Get NFT Data Across Multiple Blockchains


NFT Metadata Retrieval

Vezgo offers a comprehensive solution for developers looking to integrate non-fungible token data into their products. The API provides access to real-time NFT data across a wide range of blockchains, allowing you to easily track NFT ownership, transfers, and price trends.

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  • multi-chain

    Multi-Chain NFT Support

    Our NFT API supports NFT data retrieval on more than 6 chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and Cronos.

  • metadata

    NFT Metadata Retrieval

    Retrieve rich metadata associated with NFTs, such as name, description, image, and more, to enhance the user experience of your NFT-related applications.

  • api-call

    A Single API Call

    Streamline the process of obtaining NFT information by automatically gathering data from multiple blockchain protocols, and organizing it for easy access and analysis.

  • customizable

    Enable Customizable NFT Views

    Customize how NFT data is displayed and organized within your application, allowing your users to easily monitor their NFT assets and transactions.


NFT data

Available for providers which support 'sync_nft' feature and also if 'sync_nft' feature enabled for the team (depends on plan).

  • Ticker

    Ticker symbol for the asset reported by this balance.

  • Provider Ticker

  • Amount

  • Fiat Value

  • Wallet

  • MISC

  1. {
  2.     ticker: "0X30A2FA3C93FB9F93D1EFEFFD350C6A6BB62BA000-33",
  3.     provider_ticker: "0X30A2FA3C93FB9F93D1EFEFFD350C6A6BB62BA000-33",
  4.     name: "Sedan #33",
  5.     asset_is_verified: null,
  6.     asset_type: "nft",
  7.     amount: "1.00",
  8.     decimals: null,
  9.     fiat_ticker: "USD",
  10.     fiat_value: 520.15,
  11.     fiat_asset_is_verified: null,
  12.     wallet: "0:cash:usd",
  13.     logo:
  14.       "",
  15.     updated_at: 1670930713125,
  16.     misc: {
  17.       metadata: {
  18.         name: "Sedan #33",
  19.         media_url:
  20.           "",
  21.         contract_address: "0x30a2fa3c93fb9f93d1efeffd350c6a6bb62ba000",
  22.         token_id: "33",
  23.         contract_type: "erc721",
  24.       },
  25.       origin_metadata: null,
  26.     },
  27.     resource_type: "balance",
  28.   }
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