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Merlin Investor is an advanced educational, strategizing and tracking tool designed to help users take control of their financial future. With a comprehensive platform that supports various financial assets and market data, such as crypto, stocks, NFTs, ETFs, funds, bonds, currencies, indexes, and real estate, Merlin Investor aims to empower users in their journey to financial freedom.

Merlin Investor sets itself apart from other portfolio trackers with its innovative approach to investment strategy inspiration, creation and tracking.
By offering users the ability to cherry-pick assets and design their own unique investment strategies, Merlin Investor empowers its users to stay organized, focused, and informed about their financial decisions.
Vezgo's secure and reliable API integration enables Merlin Investor to provide real-time tracking of users' crypto portfolios, further enhancing their premium offering and generating additional revenue.

Goal: Integrate secure and real-time crypto tracking to enhance the premium version.

Regions: North-America & Europe



Merlin Investor faced two primary challenges in delivering a high-quality user experience:

Secure Crypto Integration

Secure Crypto Integration

Ensuring the integration of wallets with the highest level of security, while maintaining user trust and confidence in protecting their sensitive data.

Monetization Balance

Monetization Balance

Striking the right balance between monetizing the premium offering and maintaining a free, user-friendly platform that empowers users to achieve financial independence.


Integrating Vezgo's API allowed Merlin Investor to overcome these challenges by providing secure and reliable crypto tracking for their premium users. Vezgo's commitment to security and seamless integration made it the right choice for Merlin Investor.


"The Vezgo solution helped us to easily automate performance tracking for crypto wallets in an easy, reliable and safe way, so that our customers could import and monitor their crypto within their overall investment portfolio"

Guido Petrelli, CEO

Why is Security Important to Merlin Investor?

When Merlin Investor first approached Vezgo, their primary concern was data security. As a customer-focused platform, Merlin Investor understands the importance of protecting user privacy and security in an increasingly interconnected financial world. To achieve this, Merlin Investor needed a reliable, security-focused partner to help them integrate real-time crypto tracking without compromising the safety of user data.

Vezgo's commitment to security, as demonstrated by its SOC 2 Type II compliance, made it the ideal choice for Merlin Investor. By integrating Vezgo's API, Merlin Investor is able to offer secure and real-time crypto tracking for their premium users, while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

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Why Merlin Investor chose Vezgo?

A single API for all crypto integrations.

  • soc2

    SOC 2 Type II Compliant.

    Security is at the heart of Merlin Investor and Vezgo’s products. All data is secured and encrypted with bank level security.

  • standardized

    Standardized Data.

    Vezgo ensures that every connection returns the exact same data format, providing unmatched reliability and data consistency.

  • time

    Time & Resource Saving.

    Supporting exchanges, wallets and protocols takes months of design and development. Vezgo is a single integration that prevents Merlin Investor from spending key resources on integrations.

  • update

    Always Up-To-Date.

    Vezgo is constantly adding support for new exchanges, wallets and protocols, which means Merlin Investor always has the latest for its users.

How Does It Work?

  • 1.icon sdk

    Merlin investor allows users to connect their crypto platform with Vezgo's Connect Flow. The SDK allows Merlin investor to put its own logo and custom instructions for each connector.

  • 2.icon key

    Users connect their accounts using the suggested authentication method.

  • 3.icon lock

    That’s all. Users can now see their accounts, balances, and transactions in the Merlin investor dashboard.


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