Develop Your Crypto Taxes and Accounting Software With Ease & Quickly!

Focus on calculating your clients’ crypto taxes. We’ll aggregate their portfolio data & history from all connected crypto accounts for you.



Vezgo’s Crypto API: The Secret To Crypto Accounting & Tax Software Where Clients’ Portfolio Data Is Not An Issue

Aggregate every single crypto tax and accounting data from your clients’ crypto accounts, including their balances, tokens/positions, and transactions. Regardless of whether their digital assets are in CEXs, DeFi platforms, wallets, or even NFTs, Vezgo connects to about 300 of them with a single API!

With just one single API integration, your users can connect and sync their entire crypto portfolio across all platforms. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that their portfolio is always up-to-date.

Take your accounting on cryptocurrency taxes to the next level with Vezgo's all-in-one Crypto API, just like Moneyviz and Softledger did.



Build a Full-Fledged Crypto Taxes
Software Effortlessly

  • stand-data

    Standardized Data

    Our API provides fiat values and normalized transaction types to give you a complete, easy-to-understand view of your users' crypto assets and transactions.

  • tracking

    Accurate Portfolio Data Tracking

    The API centralizes Balances, Positions, and Transaction Data, standardizing and syncing daily for accurate taxes on crypto investments.

  • usd

    USD Fiat Values

    Vezgo makes every account, position, and transaction endpoint return the USD Fiat Value equivalent of the operation. No need to convert using an additional API.

  • coverage

    Extensive Coverage

    Retrieve data from the top exchanges & wallets such as Binance, Coinbase, and Metamask, in addition to hundreds of additional platforms.

  • seamless-integration

    Seamless Integration

    Our widget is designed for easy integration into your tax software, allowing your users to quickly and securely connect their crypto accounts.

  • soc2

    Secure (We’re SOC2 Type II)

    Our team has a proven track record in securely managing credentials and sensitive information. User privacy and security are our top priorities.


Offer API Integration to your clients to increase your coverage with more than 30 CEXes, 21 blockchains, and 250 wallets

  • tarrget

    Data Accuracy

    Calculate your clients' taxes on crypto gains through their balances, positions, and transaction history from about 300 crypto platforms.

  • data-integrity

    Data Integrity

    Rely on secure data transmission through Vezgo’s SOC Type 2 compliant and AES-256 Data-encrypted API, the very best security on the market.

  • data-availability

    Data Availability

    With Vezgo’s reach spanning almost 300 exchanges, wallets, and blockchains, get access to your clients’ crypto transaction data when you need it and just how you need it!

  • data-freshness

    Data Freshness

    Build your accounting software for crypto taxes with only the most recently updated balance and transaction data from your clients’ crypto accounts.

  • data-access

    Data Ease of Access

    All you need is to simply integrate just one API. That single API gives you access to portfolio data from all crypto accounts!

Vezgo aims to solve the complexity of tracking transactions across multiple platforms. With so many different exchanges, wallets, and blockchains existing, manually entering and reconciling data can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Handling sensitive user data poses a security risk, and ensuring that data is transmitted and stored securely is a critical concern. These challenges can make it difficult for users to develop reliable and user-friendly tax and accounting software for cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re an established player or just starting out, Vezgo got you covered!

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