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The All-In-One Blockchain, Web3 & Crypto Exchange API

Vezgo is a new all-in-one crypto exchange API that also supports retrieving data from crypto wallets. It serves as an all-in-one read-only crypto replacement or extension for CCXT, Plaid, Yodlee, or other data aggregation APIs.

Before we dive into what the Vezgo crypto exchange API does, we’ll use Plaid, a similar technology available in the traditional finance space, to get the ball rolling. 

Plaid is an established financial data aggregator that allows apps to connect with financial accounts. More specifically, it allows you to pool data from over 11,000 financial institutions as of this day. 

While Plaid is an excellent technology for fiat currency accounts, there’s currently no way to use Plaid to aggregate data coming from cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and blockchains. But a crypto data aggregation solution enables a wide range of use cases like tax calculations, tracking of one’s full crypto portfolio, validation of crypto ownership, and so much more.

In order to facilitate those use cases, we need a data aggregator for crypto accounts similar to Plaid for fiat accounts. 

In other words, we need a Plaid of Crypto. 🤑

Vezgo: The All-in-One Crypto Exchange API

When we say there’s the need for a Plaid of Crypto, we mean we need a technology that can aggregate balance, transactions, and trade data from a fast-growing list of crypto exchanges. And not just crypto exchanges, but also every other crypto account provider in the ecosystem.

Developers looking to build such aggregation solutions need APIs to access the needed chunks of data from the crypto accounts of their customers. The hard way would be to integrate the different APIs one by one, as many other APIs would have you do. The easy way is to use Vezgo’s single API to retrieve data from every crypto data source.

What is Vezgo?

vezgo crypto exchange API
Vezgo crypto exchange API for all integrations

Vezgo makes it seamless, reliable, and secure to build fintech solutions around cryptocurrencies. It makes it possible for developers to aggregate crypto balance and transaction details from multiple exchanges and wallets through one API for in-app integrations. 

While many crypto exchanges and wallets provide unique APIs for data sharing, integrating them one after the other into your app could take forever. You would waste the time you could better spend building other innovative solutions (or taking that much-needed rest). And that’s even assuming you don’t hit a dead end with crypto exchanges and wallets that don’t offer unique APIs with which you can get portfolio data.

…or you can rely on Vezgo. 🥳

Benefits of Vezgo

These are what you and the users you’re building your financial solutions can expect to gain when you adapt the Vezgo crypto exchange API to your project:

  • One API for all crypto accounts (exchanges, wallets, blockchain, and protocols)

Vezgo API saves you 80% integration time! If you only have to integrate an API from just a few cryptocurrency accounts, you can do that manually, one after the other. But if you’re building a solution that spans various crypto accounts, integrating one API at a time is a death sentence.

We provide a single crypto exchange API to more than 40 CEXes, 20 blockchains, and 250 wallets.

Vezgo crypto API key is the savior you need to vindicate you from such a harsh sentence. It saves you the stress of integrating multiple APIs from various crypto exchanges and wallets by providing just one API key to get balance and transaction data from all of them. It’s one for all!

  • The data Vezgo API gathers for you is easy to interpret and use

A frustrating issue with many crypto exchange APIs is that they have no normalized form of presenting their data. While this is understandable in our largely unregulated cryptocurrency ecosystem, it remains a hassle having to clean and normalize the data into a usable format for your projects. But Vezgo makes a child’s play out of this. 

Since Vezgo uses just one API to access data from all crypto accounts, it can normalize all the portfolio data into a simple, use-ready format in your project. 

Now, you don’t waste endless hours cleaning and normalizing data until you have something that works. Vezgo does that hard work for you.

  • Scale without holding back

We are ever ready to remain with you throughout your growth process, regardless of how big your fintech solution gets or how quick it takes to get there. How?

Vezgo crypto exchange API is SOC2 TYPE 2 compliant, making it ready for adoption into small startups as well as robust enterprises.

How Safe Is Vezgo?

A critical part of developing fintech solutions is how resilient they are against cyber threats. Nothing could be more devastating than having your system crumble because an integrated third-party app was the vulnerability.

That is why you can’t be too careful regarding security. So we dedicated our entire resources to ensuring that your users’ data bundles are well guarded. 

Here’re some security measures that Vezgo provides:

  • SOC 2 Type II Certification

The SOC certification is one of the most recognized security certification for technology companies. It is a report on controls at a service organization relevant to security, and availability. We undergo regular audits.

  • Encryption

Vezgo crypto exchange API is as safe as the big banks, and that’s not a bluff. Vezgo uses AES-256 encryption, the same standard that big banks use, to protect every bit of data imported by our API.

In addition to that, we enshroud every in-transit data using one of TLS 1.2. Your data couldn’t be more secure. 

  • Limited access to encryption keys

A potential vulnerability that cyber attackers often exploit is the access of database administrators to encryption keys. All sensitive data is encrypted and none of our employees can access them. Database administrators don’t have access to the encryption keys used.

  • Regulatory compliance

We maintain compliance with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are accountable to these regulatory bodies and wouldn’t take steps that could compromise our standing with them.

Relying on Vezgo for Your Crypto Exchange API Needs

Vezgo is that bridge through which you can import valuable crypto portfolio data from crypto exchanges and wallets into your projects, enabling you to provide innovative solutions for your users. 

You can join over 300 companies such as Wealthica, SoftLedger, and AssetDash, who already enjoy Vezgo API’s benefit: sophistication presented simply and the best xPub connector on the market.

Get your unique Vezgo API key now. 

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