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Solana API Support; SOL Integration Now Available

We’ve got exciting news! If you are looking for Solana API integration, Vezgo now supports getting balances, tokens and transactions from Solana.

It is basically a Vezgo API for Solana blockchain and cryptocurrency!

What is Solana?

vezgo api for solana

Solana is a blockchain on which user-friendly apps can be built and deployed. To distinguish itself from other blockchain networks, the developers of Solana set themselves an ambitious goal. A goal so ambitious that it would redefine how transactions are made on the blockchain network if they achieved it. 

And this goal: To make transactions lightning fast while keeping costs very lean.

While Solana may not be able to sustain its theoretical highs of 65,000 transfers per second, it has consistently recorded transaction speeds that significantly beat what other blockchain networks offer. And the costs have also maintained an average of $0.00025 per transaction. What’s that thing they say about shooting for the moon and landing among the stars?

Solana already has one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the crypto world, boasting thousands of projects that span across Web3, NFTs, DeFi, and so much more. CoinMarketCap has SOL, the blockchain network’s cryptocurrency, as the 9th largest by market cap with $11 billion, a few billion shy of Cardano in the eighth position. 

What You Can Do With The Vezgo Solana API Integration?

Through the Vezgo API support for Solana, developers can now build apps that things equivalent to Solana API Get Balance in order to get a wallet balance. It can do even more like:

  • Track users’ Solana balances, tokens and transactions.
  • Track users’ Solana wallets.
  • Keep track of SOL holdings across over 60 top exchanges and wallets.

Building Disruptive Projects With The Vezgo Crypto Tracker API

If you’re building potential unicorn projects that revolve around aggregating or keeping track of crypto portfolio holdings across various accounts, exchanges or wallets, look no further than the Vezgo API.

Vezgo is the developers’ best friend as it helps them shave a whopping 80% off their API integration times. How?

Vezgo allows developers to connect and retrieve data from over 60 top crypto wallets and exchanges using just a single API. So instead of going through the tedious process of integrating APIs from each crypto exchange and wallet, one Vezgo API does it all!

Over 100 projects and companies have already pitched their tents with Vezgo, and none has regretted it. 

We don’t fancy tooting our own horns, but we don’t mind when others toot them on our behalf. Here’s what one tooter had to toot:

“We tried a few crypto data APIs to retrieve our users’ digital assets. Vezgo is the only one that actually works!”

Apart from the Vezgo API for Solana, we also support blockchain networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and exchanges, such as Kucoin, Coinbase, and Binance.

So, if you want a cryptocurrency API that actually works in that project you’re working on, try Vezgo today. Get your API key here.

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