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Vezgo Launches Crypto Aggregation Self-Service Portal

Vezgo, a leading provider of Crypto Data APIs and Crypto Aggregation Services, who recently closed a $750K USD pre-seed funding round (Vezgo Funding), has recently announced the launch of a new self-serve customer portal that enables Crypto Aggregation.

The portal allows users to easily create Crypto Aggregation API keys and access a wide range of data related to their crypto accounts, including account balances, positions and tokens, and transactions. Using Vezgo, fintech app developers can aggregate users’ balances, positions and transactions over the full Web3 ecosystem: Crypto Exchanges APIs, Crypto Wallet API and Blockchain data.

The new portal is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for users to create API keys quickly, start accessing the data they need and enable their crypto aggregation use case. It also features a new Vezgo Demo sandbox, one-click access to the Vezgo Javascript SDK and a wide range of security measures to ensure that users’ data remains safe and secure at all times.

With the new self-serve customer portal, Vezgo is making it easier than ever for fintech developers to allow their users to access the data they need to make informed decisions about their crypto investments, enabling a wide range of crypto and web3 portfolio tracking use cases.

Whether users are looking to track their account balances, monitor their positions and tokens, or view their transaction history, the new portal provides a convenient and easy-to-use platform for fintech developers to access this information and enable crypto aggregation.

Overall, the launch of Vezgo’s new self-serve customer portal is a major development for the company and for users of its Crypto Data API services. By providing users with easy access to their data and a range of powerful features, Vezgo is helping to drive innovation and growth in the world of crypto.

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About the Vezgo Crypto Aggregation API

Vezgo provides a complete set of Crypto Data APIs and solutions to empower Web2 Fintechs and financial institutions, such as taxes, insurance, wealth management and compliance, to bridge the gap into Web3. Using Vezgo, developers can quickly access all of their users’ crypto investment positions, balances, tokens and trades history from a single Crypto Data API. Vezgo consolidates data from more than 250 crypto exchanges, wallets and blockchains.

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