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Vezgo Updates: Binance and Bitfinex fixes + Major engine improvements.

What’s new on Vezgo this week?

  • Added support for purchases or cryptocurrencies on Binance
  • Added support for transaction fee in original currency
  • Minor fixes for ByBit
  • Lots of fixes for Coinbase
  • Various Bitfinex fixes
  • Engine: Major logging improvements (Internal)
  • Engine: Major sync jobs prioritization improvements (Internal)

New providers!

  • Added support for Bitbuy (Canada)
  • Added support for transactions for Bitso

What we are still working on…

  • Lots of EVM-based connector work (ERC-20, NFT, etc.)

If you’d like to request features or have a look at our Roadmap. Go to our Feature Request and Roadmap page on Hellonext.

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