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Vezgo Updates 12: Core Connector Updates + Binance Real-Time Documentation

Over the past few months, we have been working to improve our core connectors, documentation, and provider list. Our goal hasn’t changed, we want to offer a single crypto API to connect all Web3.

Many of our customers haven’t yet customized the connect flow with their logo. Below you’ll find instructions on how to add your logo.

This product update aims to keep you up to date and ensure you haven’t missed anything in the Updates You Might Have Missed section.

You can always get the most up-to-date list of providers directly from the /providers endpoint:

Binance Real-Time Events Documentation

Paying customers on the Launch & Scale or Enterprise plan can now have access to real-time updates on Binance! This feature was requested by our enterprise clients that needed more than the daily sync and four manual sync per day.

It is currently only available on Binance and could be implement on other CEXes based on customer requests.

If there’s any event to update, Vezgo API updates it in real-time. This feature needs to be enabled by the team, so please get in touch with us if you’d like to test it.

This is possible through a websocket built into the Binance connector that permanently listens for any event on all connected Binance accounts. When a new transaction happens on a client’s account, you’ll receive a webhook event with new transaction data. 

The API Documentation has been updated, you can get more information here: Binance Event Streaming Documentation.

Core Connectors Rework


We revamped our KuCoin connector to fully support spot accounts.

The list of supported transaction types now includes:

  • Deposits, Withdrawals & Trades across all time for all time in every sync!
  • Up to 1 year of Convert, Transfers between accounts, Staking Profits, EARN (Profits), EARN (Subscription), Convert to KCS, KCS Pay Fees, and Refunded Fees.

The list will become even more robust, as we’re working to bring more supported transaction types to the connector.

We’re also working on bringing Futures support. Exchange

The Exchange connector has been completely redesigned to maximize support, stability, and retrieve full transaction history. You can now pull up to 1 year of transaction history per sync with the first sync starting in June 2016.

MetaMask Multi-Chain Detection

The MetaMask connector can now detect multi chains. The goal is to ensure that when users connect their Metamask wallet, we can now detect all their active networks, not just limited to Ethereum.

Other Important Connector Updates

Some other important updates we’re proud to announce include:

  • Bitfinex transaction support

In addition to the balances and positions data, you can now access Bitfinex transaction data through the Vezgo API.

  • New Indian CEX Connector: CoinDCX

If you have clients using the Indian CEX, CoinDCX, you can now track their positions, balances, and spot trades history on the exchange. And for every sync, you get as much as 5000 transaction data into the past. Tracking of deposits and withdrawals is not available in their API.

  • New Australian CEX Connector: CoinSpot

You can now track positions, balances, and transactions on the Australian exchange CoinSpot! On spot accounts, we support transaction types: orders, transfers, deposits, and withdrawals. You can get up to 500 transactions of one type per sync.

  • Spot trade support for WazirX

We added trade transaction support on WazirX. Spot account transactions and withdrawals are now supported. Tracking of deposits is not available in their API.

  • The Polkadot connector is live

With this new connector support, you can now track accounts, positions, and transactions on the Polkadot blockchain.

  • Transaction support for Bitrue

You can now access your clients’ transaction data on the Bitrue exchange. We support up to 1000 deposits & 1000 withdrawals per coin and 1000 trades per symbol.

  • Metadata on Binance, Coinbase, and Coinbase pro

Binance, Coinbase, and Coinbase Pro transactions now come with additional metadata: external address and email. We are investigating if we should add metadata on other connectors. If you have an use case, please reach out to the team.

Providing More Coverage Details on the Provider List

We understand that being clear about what we support on each connector is very important. In the recent weeks, we’ve been working on it.

Going forward, as we improve individual connectors, we will update the list at the same time.

See the List of providers for more info.

Customize Your Connect Flow With Your Logo

We noticed that many of our customers didn’t include their logo in the Connect flow. Instead of seeing the first letter of your company name, customers will see your logo.

To add it, go to your portal account and click the down arrow next to your application name to upload your logo.


Feature Requests

Are there any integrations or features you’d like to see in Vezgo? Customers on the Enterprise plan can request 2 new features per quarter.

It may be useful to request support for Positions & Balances on a new connector, a specific type of transaction on an existing exchange, or real-time events.

Please reach out to the team if you’d like to know more!

Updates You Might Have Missed

In the past months, many important features have been released. If you missed them, please have a look at these product updates:

What We’re Working On

  • Ledger Live integration
  • KuCoin Future transaction support
  • Bitstamp connector rework
  • Bitfinex connector rework
  • Uphold Exchange support
  • Releasing an updated API documentation

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