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Vezgo Updates #8: Wallet Connect Deployed, and more

We’ve been working on lots of improvements and experimenting with some new features for your favorite Crypto Data API.

As a noteworthy change, we have deployed Wallet Connect to ease loading wallets into Vezgo. Users can either use the Wallet Connect connector or they will find a Wallet Connect option under some wallets that are supported by Wallet Connect, like Trustwallet for example.

What is Wallet Connect?

  • Wallet Connect makes it easier to connect wallets to Vezgo. It allows users to connect a wallet without manually entering the wallet address
  • There is around 250 wallets that are supported, you can get a full list here

What’s new on Vezgo this week?

  • Improvement to native fees support for Bitcoin and EVM connectors
  • Better transactions pagination for Binance
  • Fix for issue with intermittent 504 errors we were having recently
  • Algorand transaction amounts fix

What we are still working on…

  • Real-time data streaming application
  • Multi-wallet connector support
  • Ledger Live connection support
  • Revamp Bitcoin-based connector group

If you’d like to request features or have a look at our Roadmap.

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