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Vezgo Updates #9: xPub related changes, and more

We’ve been working on lots of improvements and experimenting with some new features for your favorite Crypto Data API.

As a noteworthy change, we have deployed event streaming and continue working on further integration. We also worked on changes to Bitcoin/xPub, Binance and many other connections.

What’s new on Vezgo this week?

  • Many Bitcoin/xPub related fixes aimed at connector speed and stability;
  • Fix for issue with intermittent 502 errors we were having recently;
  • Resolved original fees for Binance;
  • Added missing transactions for Terra;
  • Added a forced cooldown between syncs of the same account;
  • New custom instruction lists per-connector;
  • Ledger connector fixes;
  • There is a new Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash connector that has been reworked.

What’s planned next?

  • Further streaming integration;
  • Improvements to xpub support;
  • Add Coinbase metadata to transactions;
  • Ethereum scheduled syncs.

If you’d like to request features or have a look at our Roadmap.

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