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Vezgo Updates 13: Exchanges Staking API, New Ledger Live Connector & Webhook, and SDK Enhancements

Staking API capabilities now in Vezgo. Staking is now playing a major role in the crypto space. In our constant quest to offer you a superior and more comprehensive crypto API experience, we are excited to announce several new updates to our API.

From launching a Ledger Live connector to providing extensive staking API support for major exchanges, we have been tirelessly working on enhancing Vezgo to better serve your needs.

Here’s what’s new:

Ledger Live API Connector

Ledger Live is a comprehensive application that allows users to manage their Ledger hardware wallet and the cryptocurrencies it secures directly from their computer or smartphone.

Ledger Live enables users to safely send and receive cryptocurrencies, monitor their portfolio, and perform real-time balance checks across multiple crypto assets.

We have integrated Ledger Live into our suite of connectors. This allows you to seamlessly sync and track all the transactions and positions across various blockchains in Ledger wallets, ensuring an improved wallet management experience.

Enhanced Crypto Staking API Support

Crypto Staking API on Vezgo Crypto API

Recognizing the rising importance of staking in the evolving digital asset ecosystem, we have extended our Staking API capabilities to provide support for staking transactions, positions, and balances across key centralized exchanges (CEXes).

Staking — the practice of holding a minimum amount of a particular cryptocurrency in a network wallet to support blockchain network operations — has become an increasingly significant part of many investors’ cryptocurrency strategies.

This advancement in our API offering empowers you to seamlessly aggregate and manage your customers’ staked digital assets across several major exchanges.

Vezgo crypto staking API now returns staked positions, balances, and transactions on:

  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Kucoin
  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • (Positions only)

See the crypto Staking API Documentation for more info.

New Transaction Hash Field

To provide better transaction tracking, we’ve added a new Transaction Hash (transaction_hash) field. It is currently available for Bitcoin, EVM-based chains, and Coinbase.

If Transaction Hash is important to you and you’d like to see it added to other connectors, please contact us!

A transaction hash, also known as a transaction ID, is a unique identifier that is generated whenever a cryptocurrency transaction is performed. It serves as a cryptographic string of characters that corresponds to a specific transaction within a blockchain network.

This hash is produced through a hash function, which transforms input data of any size into a fixed-size output, commonly in the form of a string of numbers and letters. The resulting hash is unique to the transaction’s details, including sender’s address, receiver’s address, amount transacted, and timestamp, among other pieces of data.

The transaction hash is recorded on the blockchain and can be used to track and verify the status of transactions, ensuring transparency and security in cryptocurrency dealings.

For instance, you can input the transaction hash into a blockchain explorer tool to view all the details related to that specific transaction. This feature was especially required by our compliance, tax, and accounting software clients.

Webhook Error Notifications

We’ve updated our API to include SyncError webhook functionality. This feature posts a SyncError webhook to your designated endpoint whenever an account fails to sync, ensuring you’re promptly notified of any sync issues.

Check out the updated API Documentation for the specific JSON body schema.

SDK Improvement: Deno Support & Open Source SDK

In our JavaScript SDK, we’ve added Deno support to enhance the developer experience.

Deno is a secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime to address Node.js’s design shortcomings. With built-in security measures, Deno restricts file, network, and environment access unless explicitly permitted.

It natively supports TypeScript, integrates a test runner, and uses modern JavaScript features without the need for a build step. Deno operates with more web compatibility than Node.js and eliminates the need for an external package manager, as modules are imported via URLs and can be cached or locked.

Our SDK is open-source. We encourage and welcome everyone to contribute to our SDK and help us make Vezgo even better.

New Bitcoin Cash API Connector

We’ve expanded our list of connectors to include Bitcoin Cash, enabling you to sync and track all your BCH transactions seamlessly.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that was created in August 2017 as a fork from Bitcoin.

The fork was a result of a long-standing disagreement among the Bitcoin community on how to handle scaling issues. Bitcoin Cash was developed with the intention of addressing these issues by increasing the block size from 1 MB to 8 MB, allowing for more transactions to be processed in each block.

This enhancement aimed to make transactions faster and fees lower, improving the utility of the digital currency for everyday transactions and small purchases, much like cash – hence the name, Bitcoin Cash.

Bitrue Connector: Transaction Support

We have extended our features to include transaction support on the Bitrue exchange.

See the full list of our connectors.

Blockchain Name in Wallet Object

To know which blockchain is connected to a wallet, our customers asked us to provide the name of the blockchain. It has just been released! We added the blockchain name to the wallet object for Exodus Wallet, Meta Mask, Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet, and Ledger.

In the API Documentation, see the field Wallet and the Attribute Name.

What We’re Working On

Staking API and Ledger Live are just the beginning. As we continue to improve and expand, here are some upcoming updates we are excited to share:

  • Transaction support for Bitmart.
  • Adding WETH (Wrapped Ethereum) support for the Ethereum connector.
  • Cardano connector is being reworked for better performance.
  • Wallet Connect 1.0 was discontinued. We are actively working on integrating Wallet Connect 2.0.
  • We aim to enhance the accuracy of fee tracking on the Coinbase connector.
  • Uphold connector

Thank you for your continuous support and trust in Vezgo. We’re excited about these updates and look forward to delivering more enhancements and features.

To test our Crypto Staking API or if you don’t have your API keys yet, go to our client portal.

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