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Integrate the Bitmart API with Vezgo – Crypto API

Bitmart API is a robust centralized exchange (CEX) platform that provides the Bitmart API, enabling developers to interact programmatically.However, the Bitmart API requires a complicated process to integrate, which the Vezgo API seamlessly resolves. Buckle up as we unravel some key features of the Bitmart API, discuss why Vezgo is the game-changer, and walk you through the integration process that could revolutionize your platform.

Key Features of the Bitmart API

Bitmart API Docs Vezgo

Many Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) provide APIs that allow developers to access a plethora of their features. Bitmart is not exempted. Let us explore some of these key features that Bitmart API boasts.

Please note that the API features are continuously subject to changes and upgrades. It is, therefore, pertinent to consult the Bitmart API documentation for the latest developments.

1. Efficient Security

Bitmart’s commitment to security is akin to having a digital treasure trove protected by a digital fortress. With state-of-the-art encryption and two-factor authentication, your users’ cryptocurrency investments are shielded from potential threats. They can trade with peace of mind, knowing that Bitmart prioritizes the safety of their digital fortune.

2. Diversified Assets for Trading

Bitmart doesn’t believe in limiting traders’ options. The platform offers an extensive array of cryptocurrencies for trading, ranging from the stalwarts like Bitcoin and Ethereum to the more obscure altcoins. You can help your users embrace diversity in their portfolio with Bitmart’s comprehensive selection.

3. A Plethora of Trading Tools

For the discerning trader seeking advanced tools, Bitmart steps up to the plate. Real-time charts, technical analysis indicators, and trading signals are just a glimpse into the arsenal of tools at their disposal. With the Bitmart API, developers can help users arm themselves with the insights needed to make informed decisions and confidently navigate the crypto markets.

4. Futures Trading

Bitmart doesn’t just stop at spot trading; it extends its playground to futures trading. The API allows traders to dive into the exciting world of futures trading, amplifying the potential for profits. It is like having a backstage pass to the future of crypto markets, where opportunities abound.

5. Comprehensive Documentation

With Bitmarts API, developers can access the gateway to a more interconnected crypto ecosystem. It comes with comprehensive documentation that facilitates seamless integration. The documentation contains guidelines to allow developers to connect external applications and services, adding a layer of customization to cater to diverse user needs.

Why Integrate with Vezgo Instead of Bitmart API?

As compelling as Bitmart API’s features are, the integration with Vezgo’s Crypto API introduces a new chapter in the crypto narrative. Let us delve into why Vezgo is the best choice for integration, serving as a catalyst your users need in their crypto journey. 

  • Firstly, when it comes to dealing with data from multiple exchanges all in one place, the Vezgo crypto API is the catch. The user interface on Vezgo unifies data and tools from a diverse range of platforms, eliminating the need for developers to deal with individual exchanges one after the other. This helps them save precious time and effort. Users do not also have to constantly maneuver between different platforms, making trading more seamless and efficient.
  • Also, the Vezgo API allows developers to avoid monitoring a vast array of endpoints across multiple platforms. It is also pertinent to keep these endpoints continually active and updated. Vezgo does all these for the developer, allowing them to focus on what is more important to them. As a developer, you don’t want your users to be cut off from a Bitmarts API endpoint, or that of any other exchange, as this could deter their engagement with your platform.
  • Finally, Vezgo does not limit users’ options to Bitmart only. Instead, it offers them the flexibility to manage assets and portfolios across more than 35 CEXs, 21 Blockchains, and 250 Wallets using a single API. This holistic management tool gives users the vantage view to easily and intelligently manage their assets and portfolios and eke out profits from the corners of the marketplace where they lurk.

Vezgo: The Crypto API

Vezgo - The Crypto API

Vezgo is not just another crypto platform; it is a game-changer. Designed with simplicity and versatility in mind, Vezgo’s Crypto API revolutionizes the way developers and users interact with the crypto market. 

Vezgo API uses an aggregation feature to collect data from multiple exchanges and applications at once, allowing developers to serve a wide range of menus from different sources. Exchanges like Coinbase and Bitmart, blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and wallets like Trust and Atomic are examples of platforms from which the Vezgo API fetches positions, balances, transactions and even order and NFTs. Developers can easily deliver key features from diverse platforms to their users at once.

Also, Vezgo puts up an extra layer of defense for users’ data and assets. With its SOC 2 Type 2 compliant security attribute and encryption of data with AES-256, developers are certain to deploy the ultimate security found in the industry to their platforms. Users have little to worry about, knowing that their data is protected with the latest TLS 1.2 encryption protocol.

In addition, the Vezgo API permits a social trading approach, allowing social trading platforms to deploy features that enable users to connect with other traders, share strategies, and even follow successful investors. The social integration fosters a sense of community and knowledge sharing within the platform you are developing.

Finally, one of Vezgo’s standout features is its ability to generate comprehensive market insights. Through advanced analytical features of the API, one superior to many other exchanges, and real-time data, developers can enrich their platforms with the knowledge users need to make informed decisions, ultimately increasing their chances of success.

Portfolio trackers like Wealthica and Merlin Investor and other crypto tax software organizations like Awaken Tax and SoftLedger are some of Vezgo’s prominent clients already taking advantage of these solutions. And so far, our API engine has aggregated assets worth over $32 billion and counting.

Vezgo’s Bitmart API Integration

Vezgo Connect Flow

With the Vezgo API, you can aggregate account holdings, transaction history, and so much more via the Connect Flow Widget. It is the perfect tool for those who are looking to aggregate crypto portfolio data for multiple platforms at the same time for whatever reason.

But, since Vezgo utilizes a read-only API, information and data shared cannot be altered. This makes it impossible to perform tasks like withdrawals and trading with the API. The Vezgo Crypto API is the perfect tool for read-only tracking of your users’ investments across multiple crypto platforms and wallets.

To see the full extent of Vezgo’s Bitfinex API integration, visit the list of integrations and click on Bitmart. The API Docs are also available.

About Bitmart

Bitmart API

Founded in 2017, Bitmart has swiftly climbed the ranks to become a prominent player in the global crypto exchange landscape. Established with a vision of creating an inclusive and accessible platform for crypto enthusiasts, Bitmart has evolved into a trusted name in the industry. Over the years, the platform has demonstrated commitment to innovation, security, and user satisfaction, making it a go-to platform for traders around the world.

Headquartered in the bustling city of New York, Bitmart strategically positions itself at the heart of the global financial hub. This location not only underscores its commitment to meeting the needs of traders in the United States but also serves as a bridge to the broader international market. With a diverse and inclusive approach, Bitmart has managed to attract a global user base, creating a vibrant and dynamic community of users.

Bitmart offers a comprehensive range of services catering to the diverse needs of its users. From spot trading of popular coins to futures trading, Bitmart provides a multifaceted platform for traders to explore various investment strategies. The exchange goes beyond traditional trading by offering token fundraising services, allowing new projects to gain visibility and support within the crypto community. With a user-friendly interface, high liquidity, and advanced trading tools, Bitmart ensures that traders, both seasoned and newcomers, can navigate the complexities of the crypto market with ease.

A: The Bitmart API is a set of protocols and tools provided by Bitmart to communicate between various software applications, thereby allowing developers, traders, and institutions to interact programmatically with the Bitmart trading platform.
A: Accessing the Bitmart API documentation is a straightforward process that involves navigating to the official Bitmart website and then the API section. Alternatively, simply go to the API documentation by using the following URL “”.
A: Depending on what you need, Vezgo is one of the best alternatives to Bitmart API. If you want to extract users’ entire crypto portfolio data from their Bitmart account, and any other CEX, wallet, or blockchain for that matter, Vezgo is the way to go.

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