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Integrate the Bitbuy API with Vezgo – Crypto API

Bitbuy, like many other Centralized Exchanges, provides an API that enables developers to integrate its wholesome features into their platforms. Thanks to this Bitbuy API, developers can create applications to access the Bitbuy exchange and carry out activities such as trading and account management.

However, there’s an inherent limitation in the Bitbuy API. The APIs of many CEXs have this issue as well. Fortunately, that is where the Vezgo API comes in, serving as a formidable alternative to the Bitbuy API.

In this piece, we analyze some key features of the Bitbuy API and its alternative, the Vezgo Crypto API.

Key Features of the Bitbuy API

The Bitbuy API has key features that developers can easily access and integrate with their applications. Here are some of these core features:

1. Market Data

This feature allows developers to access real-time and historical market data for various cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. Real-time data includes current prices, trading volumes, bid-ask spreads, and recent trades. Historical data provides a historical record of price movements, trading volumes, and other market metrics over a specified period. Developers can use this data for market analysis, charting, backtesting trading strategies, and making informed trading decisions.

2. Trading

The trading feature enables developers to place orders, execute trades, and manage positions programmatically. Supported order types typically include market orders, limit orders, stop orders, and more complex order types like fill-or-kill and immediate-or-cancel. Developers can specify parameters such as price, quantity, and order type when placing orders through the API.

3. Account Management

This feature lets developers retrieve crypto account information such as account balances, transaction history, deposit and withdrawal records, and account settings. Developers can use this information to track account activity, monitor account balances, reconcile transactions, and manage account preferences such as language, timezone, and notification settings.

4. WebSocket Support

WebSocket support enables real-time data streaming for market updates, order book changes, and account events. Developers can subscribe to WebSocket channels to receive streaming updates for specific trading pairs or account-related events. WebSocket support provides low-latency, efficient communication for real-time applications such as live trading dashboards, order book visualization, and price alert systems.

5. Security Features

Security features include authentication mechanisms to ensure secure access to user accounts and data. API keys are commonly used for authentication, allowing developers to generate unique API keys with specific access permissions (e.g., read-only, trading, withdrawal). Developers must authenticate their requests using API keys to access restricted API endpoints and perform authorized actions on behalf of their accounts.

6. Funding Features

Funding features provide functionalities related to fiat and cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. This includes initiating deposits and withdrawals, querying transaction status, and managing account funding methods (e.g., bank transfers and cryptocurrency transfers). Funding features are essential for managing account balances, funding trading activities, and withdrawing profits from the exchange platform.

Note: These are the key offerings of the Bitbuy exchange today. However, these features are constantly subject to change. So, we recommend you check out the Bitbuy API documentation to stay up-to-date with their offerings.

Why Integrate with Vezgo instead of Bitbuy API?

While the Bitbuy API offers a comprehensive set of features, integrating with Vezgo brings unique advantages that can help take users’ crypto experience to the next level and simplify the development process for developers.

  • Vezgo acts as a central hub, allowing developers to integrate multiple crypto APIs seamlessly with just one API key.  So, instead of dealing with the intricacies of integrating multiple APIs separately, Vezgo simplifies the hassle into one process, saving valuable time and effort. This unified integration approach streamlines platform development and maintenance, making it an attractive choice for developers looking to manage various APIs effortlessly.
  • Like other crypto APIs, Bitbuy API endpoints are constantly changing as the crypto space and the needs of Bitbuy’s clients evolve. This passes the burden of endpoint monitoring on the developers so that their users are not left out of beneficial updates. Integrating with Vezgo crypto API cuts off this hassle, ensuring users are automatically up-to-date with Bitbuy’s offerings.
  • Finally, Vezgo supports a wide range of blockchains, exchanges, and wallets, allowing users to diversify their portfolios beyond Bitbuy. This diversification is crucial for risk management and capitalizing on a broader range of investment opportunities. Users aren’t limited to a single exchange, giving them the flexibility to explore and manage diverse assets seamlessly.

Vezgo: The Crypto API

Vezgo - The Crypto API

Vezgo’s primary goal is to simplify the integration process for developers. As a centralized interface, Vezgo allows developers to connect with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets through a single API. 

Data from over 35 exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken, 22 blockchains like Solana, and over 100 wallets like Trust and Metamask can be aggregated. This eliminates the need to navigate the complexities of each exchange API individually, making the integration process more efficient and developer-friendly.

And with these core features, many use cases are waiting to be explored. Already, portfolio trackers like Wealthica and Merlin Investor, treasury trackers like Nuant and Multis, and tax software organizations like Awaken tax and SoftLedger benefit from it. As things stand, the API engine has aggregated over $32 billion worth of assets and is still growing.

Given that Vezgo has access to this much private data, it prioritizes security by being SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and protecting users’ data with AES-256 encryption, an industry standard. Furthermore, every data in transit has the latest TLS 1.2 encryption protocol. All these make the Vezgo API firm and protect against breaches.

Lastly, the Vezgo support team dedicates full time to the APIs, helping to resolve quickly issues that pertain to them. Other exchanges have to grapple with issues besides their API, causing them to be slower in effecting solutions.

Learn more about the Vezgo Crypto API: Crypto Data Aggregation Made Easy

Vezgo’s Bitbuy API Integration

Vezgo Connect Flow

Through the Vezgo alternative to the Bitbuy API, developers can build applications that offer account management, market data, and security features. However, features like trading and account funding are unavailable through Vezgo. This is because the Vezgo API is read-only. In other words, it can’t edit a user’s account information. It can only retrieve information. This adds a layer of security, as it is impossible for evil-meaning players to manipulate the content of a user’s crypto account using Vezgo. 

To see the full extent of Vezgo’s Bitbuy API integration, visit the list of integrations and click on Bitbuy.

About Bitbuy

Bitbuy API

Bitbuy traces its roots back to 2016 when the cryptocurrency landscape was taking its initial steps toward mainstream recognition. Since its inception, Bitbuy has been on a mission to democratize the crypto experience, making it accessible to everyone, from novices to seasoned traders.

Primarily based in Canada, Bitbuy currently operates on a global scale. Operating at the heart of the cryptocurrency industry, Bitbuy has positioned itself as a reliable and secure platform, providing users with a seamless experience as they navigate the exciting and evolving crypto landscape.

Bitbuys suite of services goes beyond the basics of buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The platform boasts top-notch security with multi-layered authentication and encryption. The platform supports an extensive array of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to explore beyond the traditional offerings.

With quick and efficient transactions, a plethora of trading tools, and an eye on innovation, Bitbuy invites users to embark on a secure, user-friendly, and innovative crypto journey, where every trade is a step toward financial empowerment.

A: The Bitbuy API is a set of protocols and tools provided by Bitbuy to facilitate communication between different software applications. It enables developers, traders, and institutions to interact programmatically with the Bitbuy trading platform.
A: To integrate with the Bitbuy API, developers must create an account on the Bitbuy platform, generate API keys, and make API calls with the keys. The integration process involves several steps that include securing user data. 
A: Vezgo API is a formidable alternative to the Bitbuy API. With this API, developers can build solutions that can access users’ crypto account holdings. 

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