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We’re Hiring a Backend Developer, Node.js (Data Acquisition)

Backend Developer, Node.js (Data Acquisition) – Fully Remote

At Vezgo, we are on a mission to blur the line between traditional finance and cryptocurrency.  We are building a unified financial data platform that brings together crypto data from any wallet: centralized exchanges, country-based exchanges, physical and virtual wallets or directly from the blockchain. Using the Vezgo API, developers worldwide can access and build their own applications on top of a single standardized and normalized end-user data source for everything crypto. 

We are often referred to as the “Plaid” of crypto. 

Vezgo connects to any crypto exchange, wallet, protocol or account to retrieve balances, holdings and transactions. We are looking for motivated team members to help quickly expand our engine to cover 100+ providers and deepen the DeFi protocol data integrations and work with us to position Vezgo as the leading crypto aggregation platform.

Why join Vezgo?

  • Join a dynamic team of 20+ with a remarkable trajectory;
  • Rapidly learn in a fast-paced environment;
  • Join us globally as part of an international fully distributed team;
  • Join us to blur the line between traditional finance and cryptocurrency.

Are you the Backend Developer, Node.js (Data Acquisition) we are looking for? 💪

If you are a backend / node.js / javascript developer, you might be the perfect fit for a Backend Developer, Node.js (Data Acquisition) role and full time position within our remote team. 

Your expertise lies in working with messy/disparate data from multiple sources. You like working with APIs and you are interested in the acquisition and consolidation of hard to get data, even if it means scraping or implementing complex solutions to obtain it.  


  • Write clean and reliable Javascript code;
  • Investigate and solve connector issues reported by customers;
  • Mentor other people, provide feedback and grow as a part of the team;
  • Interact with other teams to assist with troubleshooting;
  • Debug data integrity issues; normalize data across multiple sources.


  • Significant professional experience in software engineering;
  • Solid experience in at least one mainstream programming language.
  • We use Node.js.
  • Ability to use version control systems (Git)
  • Ability to understand the dev process;
  • Comfortable interacting with peers and managers;
  • Ability to receive and provide feedback;
  • Capacity to clearly communicate complex problems;
  • Deal with unknown issues independently;
  • Excellent written communication skills;
  • We value effective asynchronous communication.
  • Excellent organizational skills. Self-motivated and able to self-manage;
  • Positive and solution-oriented mindset.


  • Significant professional experience with Javascript/Node.js;
  • Understanding of the blockchain world from an engineering perspective;
  • Demonstrated experience working with a remote team;
  • Financial knowledge, trading and/or understanding of financial products;
  • Crypto/DeFi/Blockchain experience;
  • Experience with Blockchain Data API, Crypto Exchange API, etc.;
  • Experience with data aggregation.

We like to work with people that deliver beyond what is expected, but at the same time favors simple solutions. We like to work by increments and perfecting an idea or work after reviews and comments from the team. We are not afraid of being wrong sometimes and would like the same from you. You are not afraid of starting all over again if it’s required, for the sake of simplicity and coming up with a better solution.

As we keep on growing, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities to help us take our app to the next level. Also, we know it’s tough, but please try to avoid the ​​confidence gap​.​​ You don’t have to match all the listed requirements exactly to be considered for this role.

Our hiring process

  • 📝Application : Ideally, tell us why you’re a good fit;
  • 🤙Initial call : Let’s see if there’s a fit. Meet part of the team;
  • 👩‍💻Test task : Offline, at your own pace. No live coding;
  • 👁‍🗨 Tech/Engineering interview: Review assignment; deeper tech interview;
  • 🥳 Final steps: Offer, background checks and getting on board!

Benefits & Compensation 😍

  • Salary + Equity (0.5%-2% Stock options);
  • Token Rewards (Coming Soon);
  • Flexibility: 100% remote; No commuting; Work from anywhere in the world;
  • We care about what you ship and the impact of your work.
  • We don’t care about the specific hours you work;
  • 25 PTO; No specific holidays. Take whatever days you want;
  • Expense up to $500 year on personal development;
  • Expense up to $300 for restaurant or take-out;
  • Health Insurance (Coming in 2022).

More about Vezgo+Wealthica

We are a fully remote team that was originally created as Wealthica back in 2015.

We’re born remote-first.

Vezgo was spun off from Wealthica in 2021 (Wealthica tracks over $18B in both crypto and stocks).  We started our startup adventure as an aggregation engine and dashboard for Canadian investors. Vezgo was created to focus our technology on the cryptocurrency use case.  We hang on Slack the whole day and use a wide range of SaaS tools like Trello, Jira, Github and others.

😇 We value honesty. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
😌 We look for humbleness.  We are open to feedback, and learn from others.
🤟 We are believers. We do what we love and we build products we believe in.
🎯 We thrive on user-focus.  Focus on the user and all else will follow.
We favor simplicity. We focus on removing clutter.

We hire globally, ideally you can work and organize your schedule to have at least 2 hours of overlap with GMT -5 Time zone (Montréal, EST) or GMT +1 (European Central Time). We prefer that you don’t have to alter your life patterns to work (sleeping during the day, working late afternoon/evening). 

The founding team is from Montréal, but we have team members on each sides of the globe: London (UK), Da Lat (Vietnam), Veracruz (México), Warsaw (Poland) and more.

Vezgo is growing exponentially. We are currently a team of 20+, hiring constantly!

Please send us your CV and cover letter to!

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