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Vezgo: The Best Zabo Alternative Right Now

Crypto adoption has grown exponentially globally. The need for users to track their cryptocurrencies scattered across various exchanges and wallets from just one place has only grown with it. 

Intelligent minds have since worked on apps that help users track their crypto portfolio using APIs. One API provider, Zabo, stood out for being the most prominent crypto data aggregator. 

But something happened to them, leading to the discontinuation of their API service. And now more than ever, we need a Zabo alternative.

What Happened To Zabo?

Nothing much happened to Zabo. Only that it became successful, and Coinbase acquired it. But it came as a shocker to the users of Zabo when Coinbase announced that the Zabo API would be discontinued. 

This discontinuation has undoubtedly threatened the survival and success of projects, apps, and services on the Zabo API.

At Wealthica, we design financial data tracker and aggregator apps for our customers. And being one of Zabo’s customers ourselves before the Coinbase acquisition, we were almost left hanging.


Then we came up with a top Zabo alternative that we and other crypto fintech services could integrate into projects to track and aggregate crypto portfolio data from wallets and exchanges.

We call this Zabo alternative Vezgo!

Vezgo: The Best Zabo Alternative

Vezgo is the easiest way for people to connect any crypto exchange, wallet, account, and protocol to your app and retrieve balances, holdings, and transactions.

vezgo zabo alternative

Most exchanges and wallets often have their own unique APIs. But if you were to integrate those with your app, it may take forever to get through all the 600+ exchanges alone. And that’s just for one customer! 

Fortunately, the Vezgo API differs from these.

Vezgo is a Zabo alternative that uses just one API key to integrate with any crypto wallet or exchange to aggregate users’ crypto holdings, balances, and transactions.

vezgo one api zabo alternative

Vezgo handles the connection with various exchanges and wallets so that a single API key can aggregate portfolio data from our connected crypto wallets and exchanges. 

And as we speak, Vezgo is connected to over 40 of the most popular exchanges, wallets, and blockchains, including Binance, Coinbase, Bitcoin, and Solana. About five more are under development; there are just as many planned, and the rest are on our quickly emptying to-do list.

What This Zabo Alternative Means For You

The Vezgo API ushers in a new world of crypto portfolio tracking, on which you and any other financial service can rely to build innovative apps and projects for your clients. Serving as a Zabo alternative, Vezgo does all the things that the Zabo API did, and then it takes things to the next level.

What this means for you is that you can now rely on Vezgo exchange and wallet data aggregator API to build:

  • Tax monitoring apps
  • Crypto portfolio tracking apps
  • Defi apps
  • Wealth Management apps
  • API Bundle apps
  • Aggregation apps
  • And so much more!

The range of the crypto exchange API is so broad that over 100 Vezgo clients have been able to build apps and services across a wide range of financial services. And our creative users like yourself are still coming up with new ways to use this versatile API!

clients building apps on vezgo

Why Use Vezgo Crypto API Key For Your Integrations?

To be frank, Vezgo is not the only Zabo alternative out there. But we can say with just as much frankness that Vezgo is the only Zabo alternative that offers our top-standard service.

Our clients enjoy:

  1. One API for every crypto exchange and wallet integration

That you can use just one Vezgo API key for all your exchange, wallet and Defi integrations is perhaps one of the best things about Vezgo.

We support more than 40 CEXes, 20 blockchains, and 220 DeFi wallets.

Thanks to this innovation, you only need to do the integration once and for all to get clients’ portfolio data from across all cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges.

  1. Standardized data set for seamless integration

One of the most common issues with other APIs is that they don’t standardize their gathered data. This problem is prevalent among exchange or wallet-provided APIs. Which still leaves your developers with tons of work cleaning and normalizing the gathered data.

The Vezgo crypto wallet API solves this problem by arranging the gathered data in a standardized format that aids integration. This way, your data comes ready to use, and developers do not need to waste time and resources cleaning and normalization data.

  1. Easy Scaling

Every business desires to grow and get bigger. But as it gets bigger, you want your tools and capacity to grow with you. That is what we call the capacity for seamless scaling, and it is what Vezgo provides.

Apart from over 60 exchanges, wallets, and blockchains that we have running or are under development, we keep adding more to the number at light speed. Our desire to serve keeps us a step ahead of your scaling needs so that we have a connection for you even before you need it.

In addition, the Vezgo crypto exchange API is SOC2 TYPE 2 compliant. This technology makes the API ready for adoption into robust enterprises as well as small startups.

  1. Safety

The clients of Vezgo have also enjoyed high-end safety from us. Every data we have in transit from your users’ holdings to your app is fully encrypted with AES-256 encryption, the same one used by banks to protect fiat transactions. 

After encrypting them, we also ensure limited access to the encryption keys. Even our database administrators don’t have access. 

These fortifications and many more make us confident that your clients’ data are completely secure. 

The Vezgo Effect

It’s an everyday party for our clients, and you too can be a part of it.

Vezgo promises you seamless across-board crypto wallet and exchange integration. It offers your clients a connection in a way they’ve never experienced through your app.

If you’re looking for a top Zabo alternative, you’ve got one in Vezgo. And we dare say that you’ve got something even better.

You can simply come on board by following this link to get your unique Vezgo API key.

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