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Product Update 14: New API Docs, Connect Flow UI Refresh, Transaction Classification Across CEXs, and New Uphold & Arbitrum Connectors

Ouf! It has been a busy few months! Lots of product updates that we are excited to share with you. From new API docs with openAPI specs, new connectors like Arbitrum and Uphold, and several enhancements, the team has been working tirelessly.

To our newest and most loyal customers who will be going through this product update, we thank you for your trust and look forward to what’s to come with bitcoin reaching a high in the last year at the time of writing these lines!

New API Docs With OpenAPI Specs

In everything we do, we try to make it easier for developers to integrate Vezgo. With that in mind, we have completely rewritten our API Docs, published them in Open API specs and made them available on a new platform. Look at this!

Vezgo API Docs

The Vezgo API Docs are available at

In the API Specifications section, you can download the OpenAPI specification (Swagger file). In the Introduction & Getting Started section, you’ll find all the information about setting up Vezgo, webhooks, live data and some examples.

Vezgo Postman Collection

Getting to know a new API in Postman is really a great experience. That is why we have made the API available in Postman.

Vezgo Postman

Be sure to get your API keys from the Vezgo customer portal before you start testing.

A New Connect Flow Widget UI

The connect flow plays an integral role in the customer experience to connect an account and build trust in the platform they are interacting with. Our product designer worked through several mock-ups to refresh the look and feel of the connect flow while keeping it simple and intuitive.

And here it is!

Vezgo Connect Flow

You don’t have to do anything, the connect flow has been automatically updated in to all of our clients. We also have a dark version available! Please see the blog: Vezgo Connect: New Dark Theme and 1 Additional Connect Flow Option to learn about all connect flow customization options.

Transaction Classification Standardized Across Exchange Connectors

The lack of standardization of transaction types across different centralized exchanges presents significant challenges, particularly for tax and accounting software.

One major challenge is the inconsistent naming conventions used by exchanges for different transaction types. For example, one exchange might classify a transaction as a “trade,” while another may label it as a “swap” or “conversion.” This inconsistency makes it difficult for tax and accounting software to accurately interpret and categorize transactions.

A New Standardized Subtype for CEX Connectors

To address this pain point experienced by several customers, we introduced a new subfield called transaction_subtype.

Prior to the addition of this field, customers had access to the transaction_type field, which covered the main transaction types, and the origin_type in the Misc section that returns the original transaction type as seen in the blockchain/exchange.

These fields are of course still available!

Please refer directly to the API documentation for detailed coverage of transactions. As we encounter new types, we will add them to the model. As always, your help in finding and documenting missing types is extremely important.

Exchanges That Have Been Completed So Far

We have made the new subtype available so far on Binance, Coinbase, Kraken,, Gemini, and Kucoin.

Next, we will be working on Bybit, Uphold, Bitfinex, Bitmart, Bitrue, Bitstamp, Bitvavo and Coinspot.

Major Connectors Updates

We are working hard to add new connectors and enhance the coverage of our most popular connectors. You can view the full list of integrations here.

So what’s new?

Arbitrum: Now Supported!

With over 50% growth in developer headcount year-over-year, the Arbitrum chain is one of the fastest growing Ethereum Layer 2 solutions. Arbitrum’s virtual machine is known to provide an established ecosystem for dApps and complex smart contracts.

Because of the exponential growth, we decided to add it to our list of integrations. We now support positions, balances, and transactions on Arbitrum!

Uphold: Now Supported!

Uphold is a centralized exchange (CEX) platform for trading and transferring assets, including currencies, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. Well known for being the only CEX supporting Ripple (XRP), the company is headquartered in New York.

We now support positions, balances, and transactions for Spot Wallets on Uphold.

Bybit: Transaction Support

Bybit is a CEX exchange that offers trading and is recognized for its derivatives trading with both perpetual contracts and futures contracts.

As a first step, we have added transaction support for Spot (Classic account), Unified, and Contract

The supported transaction types are Deposits (on & off chain), Withdrawals (on & off chain), Trades (Unified accounts only), Spot Repayment Sell/Buy (Unified accounts only), Transfer In/Out (Unified accounts only), and Currency Buy/Sell (Unified accounts only). With customer feedback, we will continue enriching the coverage on Bybit.

BitMart: Transaction Support

With BitMart, founded in 2017 and headquartered in the Cayman Islands, securing a role as one of the leading CEXs, we added transaction data to our support. We now support positions, balances, and transactions for Spot Wallets on BitMart.

Binance: Live & Historical Orders Data

For risk management software, knowing which orders are open is critical to accessing an accurate risk strategy. For Binance, we have made Orders data available on demand.

To learn more please visit the Real-time data section and the Order section of our API Docs. We aim to provide more information on orders in our next product update. Early testers are encouraged to contact us at for access.

Binance: Auto-Invest Plans Now Supported

During the summer, Binance made available in its API Auto-Invest accounts. According to Binance, Auto-Invest Plans allow egularly invest in cryptocurrency with a pre-determined amount and accumulate crypto holdings.

Auto-invest accounts and transactions are now supported by Vezgo.

XRP Ledger: Now Fully Supported

With Ripple making headlines week after week in its SEC case. We already support positions and balances for XRPL wallets and have completed integration with transaction data.

Wallet Connect 2.0

Wallet Connect plays a pivotal role in Vezgo. With this integration, end users have access to over 250 wallets. We integrated the Wallet Connect 2.0 version.

WalletConnect is an open source protocol that enables secure communication between mobile wallets and desktop DApps. It allows users to connect their wallets to DApps by scanning a QR code or clicking a deep link, without having to manually enter private keys or seed phrases in the blockchain connector.

Also, please note that we have also made the name of the wallet connected via the Wallet Connect extension available. You can now know and view which wallet was connected!

Vezgo and Wallet Connect

Trezor & XUMM Manual Wallets

For our clients who use our wallet connectors to allow their clients to track where their assets are stored, we have added manual Trezor and XUMM wallet connectors.

In the future, we aim to build a full integration like for MetaMask and Ledger Live.

Cardano: Connector Rework

Co-founded by Charles Hoskinson, one of the original co-founders of Ethereum. Cardano is a well know blockchain that seeks to address the scalability, security, and sustainability issues faced by most chains. The team spent time working on the connector to ensure its stability and reliability.

It is now solid and ready for full use.

Coming up Next

That’s a wrap for this product update. What are we working on next?

  • Rework the Solana Connector, which is temporarily disabled;
  • MultiChain connection to Ledger Live & MetaMask;
  • Stellar (XLM) connector for positions and balances;
  • Continuation of transaction classification for the remaining CEXs;
  • Late Q4, early Q1 2024, we plan to add support for DeFi protocols to our blockchain connectors.

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