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What is a Financial API?

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have transformed how financial systems interact. They enable seamless and secure data exchange among independent programs while fostering collaboration among various players in…

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Vezgo Connect: Now Available in English, Spanish, Italian and French.

A big thanks to Krypto Ledgers for their contribution to the…

We’re Hiring a Backend Developer, Node.js (Data Acquisition)

Backend Developer, Node.js (Data Acquisition) – Fully Remote At Vezgo, we…

The Plaid of Crypto: Vezgo
The #1 New Plaid of Crypto: Connecting Crypto Wallets to FinTech Apps

The new Plaid of crypto: Vezgo’s API is live! We’re excited…

Wealthica Vezgo SOC2
Vezgo Announces SOC 2 Type II Compliance

Vezgo, through its parent company Wealthica Financial Technologies Inc., announces the…


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